Girlfriend Fiction (Bd. 8)

Von: Jonsberg, Barry

2008 Allen & Unwin; Sydney

ISBN‑10: 1-74175-347-3
ISBN‑13: 978-1-74175-347-9

Jugendbuch 7. - 10. Klasse  

Quiz von Familie Neef

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Holly Holley is so average it hurts. She hates her name, her looks and her life. She isn't in with the right crowd and she has little hope of dating the gorgeous Raph McDonald. Then her cousin Cassie comes to stay so Holly has to move out of her bedroom into the tiny, smelly spare room - and she feels life couldn't be more unfair. So when Demi, the coolest girl in school, invites Holly on a make-over shopping spree, Holly jumps at the chance. Even Cassie can see that Holly is stretching her wings. But will she fly or fall?

Before long, Holly learns that appearances can be deceptive and friendship can blossom in unexpected places ...
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