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Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Bd. 3)
The Last Straw

Von: Kinney, Jeff

2009 Puffin Books

ISBN‑10: 0-14-132492-9
ISBN‑13: 978-0-14-132492-0

Jugendbuch 7. - 10. Klasse  

Quiz von Claudia Becklas

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"You know how you're supposed to come up with a list of "resolutions" at the beginning of the year to try to make yourself a better person?
Well, the problem is,
it's not easy for me to think of ways to improve myself, because I'm pretty much one of the best people I know."

But Greg's dad has other ideas. He wants Greg to change his wimpy ways, toughen up and engage in other "manly" endeavors. And when he threatens to send Greg to military academy, Greg realizes he has to shape up ... or get shipped out.
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