Knights and Castles. Slide back the panels to explore hidden secrets inside! (hier: The Castle)

Von: Coppendale, Jean

2005 Courage Books (imprint of Running Press)

ISBN‑10: 0-7624-2319-6
ISBN‑13: 978-0-7624-2319-4

Ab Klasse 6  Nachschlage-Quiz

Quiz von Violetta Leitner

Quiz wurde 185-mal bearbeitet.

Hinweis: Dieses Quiz bezieht sich nur auf das 1. Kapitel "The Castle" und ist sehr einfach aufgebaut!
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Meet the knight Sir Spearalot as he takes you on a magical history tour back to the exciting time of knights and castles.

Explore Lord Fancypants' castle, find out what goes on in his busy courtyard, watch a thrilling jousting tournament, and discover what the Lord and Lady like to eat at a banquet. You can even test your knowledge of knights in the fun quiz!

Peek through the windows to see who's around, then slide back the panels to explore inside!
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