The Magic Mirror

Von: Lacey, Josh

2019 Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN‑10: 3-12-530905-0
ISBN‑13: 978-3-12-530905-0

Jugendbuch 7. - 10. Klasse  

Quiz von Liselott Hahn

Quiz wurde 62-mal bearbeitet.

1588: John Dee, magician to Queen Elizabeth I, is trying to cast a spell to destroy the Spanish Armada. Nothing works. In a last desperate attempt, Dee tries to summon some demons.
Present day: Noah, Ruby and Layla are on a school trip to the British Museum. When they come across John Dee's magical equipment, Noah reaches into the open display case and touches John's magical mirror.
In an impressive cloud of smoke and fire, time and space start to merge and a fantastic adventure begins ...
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