English Readers
Among the Hidden

Von: Peterson Haddix, Margaret

1998 Klett

ISBN‑10: 3-12-578034-9
ISBN‑13: 978-3-12-578034-7

Jugendbuch 9./10. Klasse  

Quiz von Liselott Hahn

Quiz wurde 67-mal bearbeitet.

Luke has never been to school, has never had a birthday party or gone to a friend's house. In fact, Luke has never had a friend.
In a society where having a third child is forbidden by law, he is doomed to a life of hiding and can't even go outside for fear of being detected by the Population Police.
One day, he sees a girl's face in the window of a house where he knows that two other children live. Luke finally meets another shadow child like himself - but Jen is different: She does not want to remain hidden and is willing to risk her life to change their world. Will she convince Luke to become involved in her dangerous plan?
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