Eli: Young Adult Eli Readers (Stage 4)

Von: Joyce, James; Adaptation and activities by Borsbey, Janet; Swan, Ruth

2013 Klett

ISBN‑10: 3-12-514828-6
ISBN‑13: 978-3-12-514828-4

Jugendbuch 9./10. Klasse  

Quiz von Liselott Hahn

Quiz wurde 31-mal bearbeitet.

An ambitious mother, a boy in love, a lonely older man, a cynical intellectual and a girl who dreams of a life in another country are just a few of Joyce's Dubliners. In these realistic tales, Joyce reveals the hopes, fears and disappointments of his characters. He also shows us turn-of-the-century Dublin in fascinating detail. This selection of eight stories from "Dubliners" includes "Eveline", "Araby" and a two-part adaptation of Joyce's novella, "The Dead".

Stage 4, B2
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