Winnie the Witch (Bd. 8)
Winnie's Dinosaur Day

Von: Thomas, Valerie

2012 Oxford University Press

ISBN‑10: 0-19-279403-5
ISBN‑13: 978-0-19-279403-1

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Quiz von Christakis Peklivanas

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One day, when Winnie and Wilbur are flying over the museum, they see a crowd of people gathered around a huge dinosaur skeleton in the courtyard. It's a Triceratops and there's a competition to draw or make a model of what the dinosaur would have looked like when it was alive. Winnie is really keen to take part! But she just isn't sure what the skeleton might have looked like, so she decides that the only way to find out is to magic herself and her (not-so-willing) cat Wilbur back into the time of the dinosaurs!
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