Winnie the Witch (Sammelband)
Winnie the Witch - 6 in 1 Collection (hier: Winnie at the Seaside)

Von: Thomas, Valerie

2006 Oxford University Press

ISBN‑10: 0-19-275504-8
ISBN‑13: 978-0-19-275504-9

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Quiz von Christakis Peklivanas

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Winnie decides she needs a seaside break, so she and Wilbur zoom off to the coast. Winnie makes a beeline for the sea to cool down. Wilbur makes a beeline for anywhere other than the sea - he hates water, and can't bear getting wet. Winnie is having so much fun in the water that she doesn't notice her broomstick being washed out to sea. She waves her magic wand in an attempt to get the broomstick back but it doesn't really go according to plan. The mix of magic and mayhem that follows involves a surfer and a whale and, predictably, it's poor Wilbur who gets the worst of things...
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