Nate the Great
San Francisco Detective

Von: Weinman Sharmat, Marjorie

2002 Yearling Books

ISBN‑10: 0-440-41821-6
ISBN‑13: 978-0-440-41821-4

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Nate, the great detective, and his dog, Sludge, are off to San Francisco! They are going to visit Nate's cousin Olivia Sharp. She is a detective too, and a very busy one. So busy she sends her chauffeur and limo to greet Nate and Sludge at the airport.
Olivia isn't around to solve her case number 22. Her client, Duncan, has lost his joke book. He tells Nate that if the book isn't found - and soon - the world will come to an end. Nate takes the case. He and Sludge cruise up and down and around San Francisco in the limo, tracking down clues. Sticky, icky clues, big and small clues, all-around-the-town clues that take them to a pancake house, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and finally to a place that seems wrong but could be right.
Can Nate the Great keep the world from coming to an end? Can he solve his first out-of-town case?
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