Slowly, slowly, slowly, said the sloth

Von: Carle, Eric

2002 Puffin Books

ISBN‑10: 0-140-56924-3
ISBN‑13: 978-0-140-56924-7

Ab Klasse 4  

Quiz von Dr. Agnes Bugajska- Schretter

Quiz wurde 155-mal bearbeitet.

Why are we always in a hurry? Rush. Rush. Rush. We scurry here and there. We play computer games and then - Quick! Click! - We watch TV. We eat fast food. Everyone tells us to make it snappy! Hurry up! Time is flying! Step on it! There's so little time just to be with friends, to watch a sunset or gaze at a star-filled sky. Ah, what we could learn - even if just a little - from the gentle sloth who slowly, slowly, slowly crawls along a branch of a tree, eats a little, sleeps a lot, and lives in peace.
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