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Kai & Kiki (Bd. 1: English - Deutsch)
Finland - Finnland

Von: Kärpel, Vanessa; Koblitz, Carola; Nagy, Veronika; Philippovich, Lukas

2022 Oystar

ISBN‑10: 3-99142-001-5
ISBN‑13: 978-3-99142-001-9

Ab Klasse 3  

Quiz von Birgit Obermann

Quiz wurde 568-mal bearbeitet.

The little crow Kai looks a little different from his fellow birds, so he decides to go on a journey to find other birds like him.
On his way to Antarctica,
he rescues Kiki the toucan girl from a zoo. From then on, the two fly around the world together...
Children learn about nature, the animal kingdom, the exciting world of people and many different countries from a bird's point of view. As Kai becomes smarter with every experience, the readers also gain a lot of knowledge.
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