Black Cat: earlyreads (Level 2)
The Scarecrow and the Sunflower

Von: Traverso, Paola

2019 Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN‑10: 3-12-500027-0
ISBN‑13: 978-3-12-500027-8

Ab Klasse 4  

Quiz von Liselott Hahn

Quiz wurde 15-mal bearbeitet.

Chris is a scarecrow who lives in a cornfield. It's summer, he's hot and thirsty and nobody can help him. The bees, the ants and the lizards are very busy. Finally, autumn comes and then winter. The scarecrow is cold and feels alone. He sleeps for a long time and when he wakes up there is a yellow flower near him. It's a sunflower and it can do magic things.
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