Code Name Bananas

Von: Walliams, David

2020 Harper Collins

ISBN‑10: 0-00-845429-9
ISBN‑13: 978-0-00-845429-6

Jugendbuch 7. - 10. Klasse  

Quiz von Edith Schweitzer

Quiz wurde 152-mal bearbeitet.

Go back in time with bestselling author David Walliams for a whizz-bang epic adventure of action, laughter and secret plots - and the extraordinary friendship between a little boy and a huge gorilla that just might save the day ...
1940. Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. Eleven-year-old Eric spends his days at the place that makes him most happy: London Zoo. And there's one animal in particular he loves: Gertrude the gorilla. With bombs falling all over London, Eric must rescue Gertrude ...
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