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Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Bd. 15)
The Deep End

Von: Kinney, Jeff

2020 Puffin Books

ISBN‑10: 0-241-39664-6
ISBN‑13: 978-0-241-39664-3

Jugendbuch 7. - 10. Klasse  

Quiz von Edith Schweitzer

Quiz wurde 724-mal bearbeitet.

When Greg Heffley and his family hit the road for a cross-country camping trip, they're ready for the adventure of a lifetime. But their plans hit a major snag, and they find themselves stranded at a campsite that's not exactly a summertime paradise. Things only get worse for the Heffleys when the skies open up and the water starts to rise, making them wonder if they can save their vacation - or if they're already in too deep.
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