Eli: Young Eli Readers (Stage 1)
Katie, the Pirate and the Treasure

Von: Cadwallader, Jane

2018 Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN‑10: 3-12-515224-0
ISBN‑13: 978-3-12-515224-3

Ab Klasse 3  

Quiz von Liselott Hahn

Quiz wurde 26-mal bearbeitet.

Katie has some special friends: Regazza the doll and Monty the mouse. They live in the land of Forgotten Toys, the place where toys go when they are thrown away or are left forgotten in a toy box for a long time. One day, Regazza and Monty go to find Katie. A pirate with a problem has just arrived in the Land of Forgotten Toys. Can she help him? This is a humorous adventure story about friendship and using co-operation to solve a problem.
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