Horrid Henry (Bd. 15)
Horrid Henry's Christmas Cracker

Von: Simon, Francesca

2006 Orion Children’s Books

ISBN‑10: 1-8425-5546-4
ISBN‑13: 978-1-8425-5546-0

Ab Klasse 6  

Quiz von Edith Schweitzer

Quiz wurde 27-mal bearbeitet.

Four fabulously funny stories that will invoke every family's worst Christmas nightmares, as Horrid Henry sabotages the school play, tries to do his Christmas shopping without spending his pocket money, attempts to ambush Father Christmas, and endures Christmas dinner with the guests from hell.

The four stories within are:
Horrid Henry's Christmas Play
Horrid Henry's Christmas Presents
Horrid Henry's Ambush
Horrid Henry's Christmas Lunch
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