Clara the Cookie Fairy

Von: Bugbird, Tim

2014 Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN‑10: 1-7823-5885-4
ISBN‑13: 978-1-7823-5885-5

Ab Klasse 5  

Quiz von Ziko Akin (bearbeitet von Meriem Akin)

Quiz wurde 50-mal bearbeitet.

The Cookie Fairies are fairy girl-Scouts who live in a camper van on a mountain, selling cookies to fund their camping expeditions. When Clara the Cookie Fairy replaces her old wand with an elaborate new one, she learns that fancy is not always best and begins an exciting new journey learning the value of the things she owns.
Adorable illustrations and witty, rhyming text make this brand-new story from the makers of Camilla the Cupcake Fairy an absolute must-have for fun-loving kids!
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