Curious George
Curious George Visits the Library

Von: Rey, H. A.; Rey, Margret

2008 Walker Books

ISBN‑10: 1-406-31407-2
ISBN‑13: 978-1-406-31407-6

Ab Klasse 5  

Quiz von Anke Daver

Quiz wurde 171-mal bearbeitet.

The man in the yellow hat takes George for his very first visit to the library. George can't believe how many books there are and loads up a trolley with his favourites; but then the trolley picks up speed and crashes - what a mess! With the help of the librarian and the other children, the books are all picked up and sorted out, and George is left with a small pile of his favourites. He is even given a new library card so that he can borrow more books when he visits again.
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