Winnie the Witch (Bd. 7)
Happy Birthday, Winnie!

Von: Thomas, Valerie

2008 Oxford University Press

ISBN‑10: 0-19-272768-0
ISBN‑13: 978-0-19-272768-8

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It's Winnie's birthday and she's celebrating in style with a garden party. She uses all sorts of magic to invite the guests and transform her garden into the perfect party venue. There are presents to unwrap and games to play; but things start to go wrong when Winnie toots on the magic trumpet that cousin Cuthbert has given her. All her guests disappear! Winnie's party is suddenly in danger of being a rather bothersome occasion but, true to form, Winnie soon has everything back under control and she ends the party with a stunning edible surprise for all her guests to enjoy.
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